Homeschool Naturalists 2014/15



The Homeschool Naturalist program is offered as a series of eight different two-hour long visits to the Ogden Nature Center.  These programs will be offered once monthly from September to May (no program in December) on the last  Wednesday of each month.



 Pre-registration and payment is required prior to the first day of class. Space is limited. Please call 801-621-7595 to register for the Homeschool Naturalist program.

Cost and Payment   

The fee for the Ogden Nature Center Homeschool Naturalist program is $80 for non-members and $65 for members per child per school year.  A 15% discount will be given to families who enroll more than one child in the program

Student Age   

Students aged 6-12 may register for the program.  


Children who are not registered for the program should not be brought to class, including all siblings.  Please make arrangements for other children on the dates of your visits. 


You are welcome to attend any and all visits with your children and act as a chaperone.  If you choose to attend, we would like to stress the importance of your active participation.  Please be willing to help with all children, not just your own.  We also ask that you turn off all cell phones and other distractions for the duration of the visit. 


Our programs will be held even if weather is inclement. Please be sure your child is adequately prepared for weather conditions including rain, snow, sun, cold, and heat. 

West Nile Virus 

West Nile Virus has been reported in the Ogden Area this year.  As your child will be outdoors for a large portion of the visit, we recommend that you protect him/her with insect repellent containing DEET.  The Ogden Nature Center recently had a mosquito abatement treatment.  The chance of contracting the disease or of displaying any symptoms is fairly low, but it's always best to take precautions.  

Program times  

All programs will begin at 12:30 p.m. and end at 2:30 p.m.  Please be punctual, as your child may miss some vital information at the start if they are late, and may also cause a distraction for those who are on time. If you will not be attending a visit, be sure to pick your child up on time as well. Teachers often have other assignments right after your program and are not available to supervise children waiting for rides.

Expected Behavior

Please prepare your child by helping him or her to understand appropriate group learning behavior. Raising hands before shouting out questions or ideas, taking turns, staying with the group, and being respectful to class-mates and teachers will be essential for a productive learning experience.  Students may also be asked to stand in lines. 


Homeschool Naturalists 2014-2015 schedule

Nature As Your Guide – Homeschool students will learn about natural systems through a place-based, project-based exploration of the Ogden Nature Center’s unique history, flora and fauna. Through stories from people who once made their livings on the center’s land, to examining its ponds, fields, trees and animals, students will use observation and data collecting skills, art and cognitive reasoning skills to gather information and create pages for an ONC field guide. The guide will not only illustrate what students learned about nature’s processes, but also will show how people can become connected to a place.



September: (September 24th) Introducation to Field Guides

Students will explore different types of guides and learn how field guides are used and formatted in preparation for helping them to compile their own field guides to Ogden Nature Center.

October: (October 29th) ONC History – Changing land

People have used the Ogden Nature Center land for many generations, first as Indigenous populations and then fur trappers who traveled through the valley, to farming in the 19th century and a the location of a prisoner of war camp during the 1940s. Students will learn about these different groups’ uses of ONC while creating a timeline.


November: (November 26th) Maps and other location tools

Students will explore ONC for signs of the past uses they learned about in October, while also learning to use a map and create an ONC map of their own.


January: (January 28th) Habitats and Homes

Students will learn about what makes a habitat, then don snowshoes (weather permitting) and search ONC for places that animals make their homes and find the things they need for survival.


February: (February 25th) Weather and Seasons

What’s with the weather? Students will learn about the basic components of weather and study “phenology,” or signs of the seasons, by exploring how some plants and animals adapt to changes in seasons and weather.


March: (March 25th) Plants & Trees

Students will learn the basics of identifying plants and trees; learn about how plants and trees make their own food and explore some of the ways in which animals depend on plants and trees.


April: (April 29th)  Water Wonders

Who lives underwater at Ogden Nature Center? Students will identify the different types of water bodies at ONC, exploring what lives there.


May:   (May 27th) Finishing the Guides & Presentation:

Students will have some time to finish up their guides, then spend the last half of the day presenting their favorite pages to the group and parents.