Wildlife presentations that travel to your school or class

Are you looking for ways to spice up your lessons, stimulate your students and get them excited about natural science?  Our outreach educators bring live animals such as owls, hawks, tortoises and snakes into your classroom.  All programs last 45 minutes. Program content is based on Utah Science Core Curriculum Life Science goals and objectives and use grade appropriate concepts and vocabulary.

The price listed is for one 45-minute lesson. For additional lessons (same day and location) add half of the amount of the listed fee.  A small mileage fee of .50/mile will be charged for programs 10+ miles from the Ogden Nature Center. Weekend programs are $50 extra. Programs over 60 miles from the Nature Center, add $100.

To schedule a visit call 801-621-7595 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Whooo Eats Whom?

Cost - $95

An in depth look at predator/prey relationships using a live raptor and another creature that is preys upon. We will discuss adaptations, survival techniques and food webs. Older grades (9-12) will discuss carrying capacity and formulate hypotheses related to wildlife populations.

Threatened & Endangered in Utah 

Cost - $115

Students will define the terms endangered, threatened and extinct. With the help of a live bald eagle and desert tortoise they will examine behaviors that lead to extinction, and learn about laws that are in place to protect our natural resources. Older grades (9-12) will look at species recovery methods in greater detail.

Mammal Mia!

Cost - $50

Students will examine pelts and skulls as they uncover what makes a mammal a mammal and understand what adaptations makes the Utah and Great Basin mammals so special.

A Day in the life of a Scientist

Cost - $80

Discover careers available in the environmental field as you meet an Ogden Nature Center Teacher/Naturalist and one of our live animals that help teach our community about native wildlife species.

Owl Tales

Cost -$95

Decode the facts and fiction surrounding owls while meeting two different owls that live in Utah.


Revealing Reptiles

Cost - $65

Students will get up close and personal with two of our favorite cold blooded friends as they explore the fascinating lifestyles of reptiles.

The Talent of Talons

Cost - $100

With the help of three of the Ogden Nature Center’s resident raptors, students will get an introduction to birds of prey and their unique characteristics.

Animals a la carte

If you have a program idea in mind, we may be able to help.  Animals a la carte programs cost $20 base price plus the cost of the animal.  Weekend programs are $50 extra and programs after 5:00 pm are $20 extra.


Medium birds

$50/per bird, two for $75,

• Barn Owl

• Short-eared Owl

• Red-tailed Hawk

  • Peregrine Falcon

Large Birds


• Bald Eagle

• American White Pelican

Small Animals

$30/each, 2/$45 

  • Gopher Snake
  • Desert Tortoise
  • Tarantula
  • Salamander