Preschool Programs 2014/15

 The Ogden Nature Center's one-hour preschool programs are the perfect way to introduce your little ones to the wonders of the outdoor world.  The programs are fun and elementary --designed for children ages 3-5. Parents are welcome to stay and participate.  Each lesson includes creative, hands-on activities, time spent outside and stories.


Individual Registrations - Members -$5.00 per child/parent, Non-members $6.00 per child/parent General admission rates apply to all other family members.

Group/preschool registration (5 or more students) - $5.00 per child/parent. Teachers and classroom aids are free. General admission rates apply to all other family members. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required. 

Pre-registration required. Call 621-7595 to register.

2014/15 Schedule

Things With Wings -Learn that bats, birds and even seeds fly as you explore nature's winged wonders. Net insects; enjoy high-flying songs, stories, games and a craft as you learn through hands-on discovery about things with wings.

September 25th               September 26th              October 22nd               October 23rd

9:30am - Open                    9:30am - Open                     9:30am - Open                9:30am - Open

11:00am - Open                 11:00am - Open              11:00am - Open            11:00am - Open

1:00pm - Open                    1:00pm - Open                   1:00pm - Open               1:00pm -Open


Motionless Marvels - From towering trees to tiny rocks, many of nature's wonders hardly move at all. Sing songs and hear stories, play games and learn through hands-on discovery of what makes nature so marvelous.

November 254h                 November 25th               December 18th          December 19th

9:30am - Open                     9:30am - Open             9:30am - open                   9:30am - Open

11:00am - Open                  11:00am - Open             11:00am - Open              11:00am - Open

1:00pm - Open                    1:00pm - Open                1:00pm - Open                1:00pm - Open


Walkers, Trotters, Creepers, Crawlers - Explore the world of creatures that crawl - on many legs, four legs or no legs at all! Find footprints and patterns on the ground, share songs, stories, games and a craft all about moving through nature.

January 29th                  January 30th               February 17th                  February 18th

9:30am - Open              9:30am - Open               9:30am - Open                  9:30am - Open

11:00am - Open            11:00am - Open             11:00am - Open                11:00am - Open

1:00pm - Open              1:00pm - Open               1:00pm - Open                  1:00pm - Open


Floats and Fins and things that swim - Try finding a frog or spotting a turtle as we explore the world of creatures that swim. We'll enjoy hearing fishy stores, and make a fishy magnet you can take home.

   April 28th                     April 30th                      May 28th                     May 29th

9:30am - Open           9:30am - Open               9:30am - Open            9:00am - Open          

11:00am - Open        11:00am - Open             11:00am -Open           11:00am - Open    

1:00pm - Open          1:00pm - Open               1:00pm - Open            1:00pm - Open