Preschool Programs 2015/16



 The Ogden Nature Center's one-hour preschool programs are the perfect way to introduce your little ones to the wonders of the outdoor world.  The programs are fun and elementary --designed for children ages 3-5. Parents are welcome to stay and participate.  Each lesson includes creative, hands-on activities, time spent outside and stories.


Individual Registrations - Members -$5.00 per child/parent, Non-members $6.00 per child/parent General admission rates apply to all other family members.

Group/preschool registration (5 or more students) - $5.00 per child/parent. Teachers and classroom aids are free. General admission rates apply to all other family members. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required. 

Pre-registration required. Call 621-7595 to register.


2015/16 Schedule

Leaves and Trees -Discover the many things we use each day that come from trees! Read stories, play leaf games, create a leaf print to take home and explore the many ways we use trees.

September 9th               September 10th              October 13th                  October 14th

9:30am - Open                    9:30am - Open               9:30am - Full                9:30am - Open

11:00am - Open                 11:00am - Open               11:00am - Full             11:00am - Open

1:00pm - Open                    1:00pm - Open               1:00pm - Open                1:00pm -Open


Plants and Animals Prepare for Winter - Discover the many ways animals and plants prepare for the cold winter months. Play games, visit the bear den, read stories and create a cute craft as we learn about migration, hibernation and more.

November 24th                 November 25th               December 14th          December 15th

9:30am - Open                     9:30am - Open             9:30am - open                   9:30am - Open

11:00am - Open                  11:00am - Open             11:00am - Open              11:00am - Open

1:00pm - Open                                                          1:00pm - Open                1:00pm - Open


Frozen Landscapes -Investigate the complicated patterns of crystals and snowflakes and explore the frozen landscape through games, songs, stories and more!Snowshoes, sledding and snow painting if weather permits.

January 28th                  January 29th               February 25th                  February 26th

9:30am - Open              9:30am - Open               9:30am - Open                  9:30am - Open

11:00am - Open            11:00am - Open             11:00am - Open                11:00am - Open

1:00pm - Open              1:00pm - Open               1:00pm - Open                  1:00pm - Open


Roots, Shoots, Spring and Sprouts - Come celebrate all things new at the nature center! Whether green and growing, newly hatched, or shaky legs upon hooves setting out for the first time, appreciate your own growth and development in the mirror of nature.

   March 30th                    March 31st                      April 25th                April 26th

9:30am - Open                9:30am - Open               9:30am - Full               9:00am - Full          

11:00am - Open             11:00am - Open             11:00am -Open           11:00am - Full   

                                      1:00pm - Open               1:00pm - Full             1:00pm - Open