2014 Summer Camps

Do your kids love wild animals? How about long summer days in the great outdoors, exploring open spaces and learning about nature through science, art and fun?

For the 2014 year, the Ogden Nature Center is offering a large selection of nature camps specifically designed for ages 2 all the way through 16!  Choose a theme that best suites your child.  We have week-long day camps -- some with an overnighter under the stars -- partial-day adventures for the very young, and a family campout for all ages. 

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Or, please call 801-621-7595 to register your child for a camp over the phone.

Costs are listed below. Please note that ONC members receive 10% discount at the checkout. We also give 10% discount when your family signs up for more than one camp. (Both discounts are excluded from the Family Camp.)

Full Week Camps

Become immersed in the outdoors with a week-long nature camp! Held from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Mon. – Weds. with an overnight campout starting at 6 pm Thursday and ending at 9 am Friday morning. Dinner and breakfast are provided. After-hours care is available until 5 pm Mon. – Weds. Tents and sleeping bags are available for students who do not own their own. Tents are shared with same gender campers only.

Cost: $150/camp, includes camp T-shirt

X-treme Eco-Expedition - Ages 11-14 - June 9th – 13th

Think you know what it takes to survive in the wild? Challenge yourself in the ultimate nature adventure. Learn how to read nature and prepare yourself for survival using basic first aid, map reading, fire starting, leadership, tracking and shelter-building skills learned along the way. Conquer the compass and GPS, and put your skills to the test in an all-out, end-of-camp treasure hunt. Who will win in this wild adventure?

Wildlife Detectives - Ages 8-10 - June 16th – June 20th

Investigate the wild side of nature! Solve clues, decipher codes and interpret maps as you spend the week exploring the mysterious world of animals. Nature crafts, animal games, hands-on investigation activities and an overnight campout make this an adventure you won't want to miss.

Creepy Crawly Critters - Ages 7-9 - July 7th - 11th

Would you like an up-close and personal encounter with the creepy crawly critters that are moving around the nature center? Join us for a weeklong adventure discovering and investigating the flying, crawling, and slithering creatures that call ONC home. Become a nature spy as we dig through pond muck and search fields high and low for snakes, lizards, insects, spiders and more. Play games and enjoy activities that help us understand and appreciate the creepy crawly critters all around us.

Eco-Art Adventure - Ages 9-12 - July 14th - 18th

Let creativity be your guide as you find and create art in nature. Explore the world of plants and animals through drawing, painting, sculpting. Find nature's music through making sounds and rhythm, and experience favorite nature stories through dramatic play and imagination.

Please note: this camp will run Mon. - Fri. from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm with an art show at the end of camp on Friday,
from 3 - 4:30 pm. There will be no overnight campout 

Single Day Adventures

Single-day adventures are great for those interested in specific topics and they are easy to squeeze into busy summer schedules. One Day Adventures are from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm. After hours care is available until 5 pm.

Cost: $42/day, $6 for camp t-shirt

Habitat Hunters - Ages 8-10 - July 2nd

Where do the animals live at the Nature Center? Join us as we look for holes, nests and burrows while learning about what makes a habitat a place for animals to call home. We'll examine the Nature Center's meadow, wetland and forest habitats as we discover the ways animals find food, water, shelter and space to live.

Ponds, Puddles & Pools - Ages 7-9 - July 22nd

Venture across the Nature Center in search of water! Learn how even a small body of water can be a big pocket of life. Utilize hands-on science as you investigate invertebrates, net nymphs, check water quality and observe plant life.

Magnificent Mammals - Ages 7-9 - August 11th

What do you have in common with a whale or a wolf? You're all mammals! Exploring the lives of Utah mammals by examining fur and footprints; testing your sense of smell, learning about who eats who in a mammal food chain and making a fun craft to take home.

Animal Care Technicians - Ages 12-16 - August 13th

So you want to work with animals? Spend a day with our wildlife specialist to get a taste of the future. Enjoy all the fun of camp along with real-world experience in this hands-on animal adventure. Get up close and personal with our resident animals as you learn what it takes to keep them happy and healthy. Try your hand at radio-tracking, food preparation and race your fellow campers in tying a proper falconers knot. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get a sneak peak at wildlife care usually only available for volunteers over the age of 18.

Raptors-Eyes in the Sky - Ages 8-10 - August 15th

What makes a raptor different from other birds? Join us as we explore beaks, feet, talons and feathers to answer that question. We'll meet some of the Nature Center's resident raptors up-close and make a cool raptor ID craft to take home so you can figure out which eyes in the sky are looking down upon you!

Field Fun for Fledglings

Perfect for the littles who are able to be at the Nature Center without mom or dad! Ages 4-6. Pick one day or stay for the whole week (Mon. - Fri., 9 am – 12 noon).

Cost: $20/day, $6 for camp t-shirt

Animal Explorers - Ages 4-6 - June 23rd - 27th

From tortoise scales to fox tails, campers will learn all about the animals and insects that call the Ogden Nature Center home. Pick one day or stay for the whole week. Either way campers are sure to have a blast learning and visiting with the scaly, slippery and feathery friends that live at the nature center.

Mon, June 23 – Rockin' Reptiles & Awesome Amphibians
Tues, June 24 – Bird Brains
Weds, June 25 – Nature's Brilliant Builders
Thurs, June 26 – Insects Inside Out
Fri, June 27 – Teeth, Talons & Tails

Wild Wings - Ages 4-6 - July 28th - August 1st

From feathers and skin to flapping and gliding, birds, bugs and even some mammals are rulers of the sky. Pick one day or visit for the week, as campers explore the magic and mystery of flight.

Mon, July 28 – Bats and Other Nocturnal Hunters
Tues, July 29 – Sweet Songbirds
Weds, July 30 – Bees, Butterflies & Dragonflies
Thurs, July 31 – Flying Squirrels & Other Gliders
Fri, Aug. 1 – Raptors

Toddler Tracks

Single-day, outdoor learning for the tiniest tots. Ages 2-3. Guardians must accompany children. All Toddler Tracks camps are from 9-11 am.

Cost: $15/day, $6 for camp t-shirt

Bugology - Ages 2-3 - July 1st, 9-11 am

Explore the wild world of insects with your little bug as you look through magnifying glasses and swing nets to explore our fields and ponds. Flip over logs, pick through tree bark and investigate the soil to find some of nature's tiniest and most important creatures.

Nature's Palette - Ages 2-3 - July 3rd, 9-11 am

Dress in your not-so-best and join the Ogden Nature Center staff in a messy art exploration day. Play with paint, dirt, leaves, sticks and more as you use nature's palette to create works of art.

Mudpuppies - Ages 2-3 - July 21st, 9-11 am

Join us as we get our hands dirty for some good old fashion mud fun. Find out why dirt is so important as we dig holes, find worms, make animal track and hear stories about animals in burrows. Dress for the mess!

Walk Like The Animals - Ages 2-3 - July 23rd, 9-11 am

Crawl, leap, waddle and trot like the animals as we investigate how wildlife moves around the Nature Center. Pretend play, stories, wildlife crafts and more make up this fun filled adventure for you and your toddler.

All About Dogs & Cats - Ages 2-3 - Aug. 12th, 9-11 am

Learn about the kitties and puppies in nature, as we explore the differences between a wild animal and a pet. We'll make paw-print art, hear a story about nature's dogs and cats and look for signs of wild animals along the trail.

Splish Splash - Ages 2-3 - Aug. 14th, 9-11 am

Prepare to get wet as we learn what floats, sinks and swims in water at the Nature Center. We'll dip for bugs in the pond, find out what water does to a sand castle and hear stories about the creatures that call water home.

Family Camp

Songs, Skits, Stars, and Smore's – August 15th through 16th – 6 pm Friday to 9 am Saturday

Cost: $50/family of 4 / $5 each additional family member (please note there are no additional discounts for Family Camp)

Camp under the stars with your family at the Ogden Nature Center's Dumke Picnic Grove. Take a guided hike through the center and learn about the nocturnal creatures that inhabit the preserve at night. Songs, skits and s'mores will cap off the evening before you slumber under the stars. We will provide the entertainment, drinks, s'mores and breakfast. Bring your own tent, sleeping bags, mess kit and a picnic dinner. Space is limited to 8 families and registration is required.

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