2015 Garden Tour

The 2015 Garden Tour is slated for Saturday, July 11, from 9 am - 3 pm, in Liberty, Utah.

Tickets may be purchased online, at the Ogden Nature Center, or at Liberty Park in Ogden Valley the day of the Tour.

Tickets are $15 if purchased before July 9, and $20 if purchased the day of the tour.


The Garden Tour is presented by The Ardent Gardener Landscape Design with all proceeds benefiting the Ogden Nature Center.

The gardens vary greatly in scale and approach.  Tour goers will see elegant outdoor architecture, romantic flower gardens, creativity and quirkiness.  This is a fun way to gather ideas for your own garden.

The garden tour will be held rain or shine, no refunds.  Tour maps and tickets will be available at all of the gardens, so tour goers may begin at any garden.  A central hub will be staffed in Liberty Park, where tickets will also be for sale the day of the tour.  There will be some art and treats in the gardens, some for sale and some available for purchase.

MAP TO GARDENS -- If you have GPS on your phone, it is very helpful!  We will also have small directional signs to help guide you.



Liberty Park - Corner of State Rd. 162 / Nordic Valley Road & 4100 North

Liberty Park will serve as the Hub of the Garden Tour. Nature Center staff will be on hand. You will be able to purchase tickets and pick up maps and garden descriptions at the park, and in all of the other gardens.  Come check out the Ogden Nature Center's information booth.  Last year, local residents rallied together to raise funds for the design and implementation of the Pioneer Memorial Park.  Bronze plaques on numerous, locally quarried boulders share details of the early pioneers of the Liberty area of Upper Ogden Valley.  Paved paths wind through traditional plantings.  This is a great example of a community coming together for a common cause.

Flat lot, public parking, public restroom available.

Liberty Park Settlers  


Skordas Garden - 3682 Foothill, Eden, UT - Eagle Ridge Development

This garden is the epitome of drought tolerant.  The home had been virtually abandoned for over three years before being purchased by the Skordas.  They had a completely "dead" lawn, overgrown shrubs, and waist high weeds everywhere!  A cleanup revealed the bones of the garden and the many shrubs, grasses and perennials buried beneath the masses of weeds.  A couple of weeks of regular water, and EVERYTHING came back - including the Kentucky Blue Grass Lawn!  Dogwoods, currants, birch, spruce, iris, Tufted Hair Grass, coreopsis, scabiosa, roses and geranium -- all sprang back to life like the Secret Garden.  Encouraged, the new owners invested in a super cool boulder water feature, recycled glass mulch, permeable road base paths winding through additional plantings, a separate fire pit area, a killer ski lift chair swing and a raised vegetable garden.  A new, inviting garden was discovered, with multiple, intimate area and fun spaces -- still drought tolerant, but a lot better looking!  Goodies by Perks Village Bakery will be available in this garden and 10 water-wise perennials from Willard Bay Gardens will be raffled off.  Courtesy of Mountain Arts & Music, Scotty Haze will be performing in this garden.

This is a flat lot, and very easily accessible, ample street parking



Bachison Garden - 4126 E. 4475 N., Liberty, UT - The Preserve

This garden presented a great a challenge and creative use of the space created a stunning design solution.  The very steep slope off the back of the home gave very little outdoor living space for this young family.  Using dry stack stone, tiers of mass plantings were created to carve out space, all punctuated by a gorgeous and stunning water feature consisting of a copper bowl at the top that drops down into a series of stone rills; ultimately ending in a raised stone pool of water at the newly constructed entertaining patio on the lower level.  Additional access by lawn ramps allows the kids to run down to their new play area.  Limiting the taller plants to Black Chokecherry, River Birch and a Weeping Crabapple allows the amazing rock star quality stone masonry to be the main attraction.  The front garden was given a facelift as well with beautiful glazed pots, arbors, roses and masses of color.  Suzie's Scones will be availabe in this garden. Courtesy of Mountain Arts & Music, Andrew Wiscombe will be performing in this garden.

This is a sloping lot, fairly flat in front.  Access to the lower rear garden is provided by a lawn slope or guillotined stone slab steps.



Craig Garden - 3678 E. 4350 N., Liberty, UT

This is a charming, charming cottage garden with billowing masses of perennial plantings.  A group of small out-buildings punctuate the space, giving the garden a sense of being its own little village.  Every inch of the outdoor space is put to use with quaint paths, sheds, a bunk house, vegetable garden, formal and romantic perennial beds, and a great use of "borrowed" landscape, which visually claims the incredible view just beyond the property lines.  You'll want to stay forever!  Music by Che Zero, 11 am - 1 pm, courtesy of Mountain Arts & Music.  Jan Carlsen will set up her easel and paint plein air in this garden.  Jan will raffle off her artwork in this garden as well!

This is a large, flat lot with ample parking.  Some narrow paths.



Formica Garden-5334 N. 3350 E., Liberty, UT

This is the Fun Garden. And the Bird Garden. And the Exceptionally Well Maintained Garden.  This garden was lovingly designed and installed by the Homeowners’ one piece at a time.  The pride they take in the end result is well deserved.  Numerous bird houses are inhabited by the very grateful Grosbeak, Mountain Bluebirds, Orioles and other native birds that call this area of Liberty, home.  The Formica’s home backs up to Forest Service land, and makes for great wildlife viewing.  Loads of colorful perennials and good dose of humor are the hallmarks of this really fun garden.  Don’t miss the Cowboy in the bubble bath…just sayin’.  Backwoods Pizza will be available in this garden.  Courtesy of Mountain Arts & Music, Kyle Hicks will be performing in this garden.

This is a flat lot, with ample street parking, lawn paths to rear garden.



Haymond Garden - 2289 E. 5950 N., Liberty, UT - Whispering Pines

Many parts of this original home and garden remain including the iconic rock “compass” on the front of the property.  It can be viewed from space! When the new home was recently built, every effort was made to keep the original cabin intact.  The stone veneer on the cabin is used on the new home as well, to visually tie the two together.  This same rock is found on the garden walls, hand built by the original owner.  Most remain in their original location; though the original raised stone planter was relocated near the front entry to act as a needed retaining wall, and to add a touch of the old to the new.  Looming Whispering Pines stand sentinel along the edges of the garden, giving the garden its name.  Apricot colored roses, caramel Coral Bells and Red Fox Veronica flank the cool, recycled glass ribbons in the front entry walk.  Extensive stack stone walls and paths unite the outdoor spaces.  Low stack stone seat walls and a hedge of peony ring the very unique, rusty aluminum herb garden.  Gorgeous glazed blue concrete pots flank the raised, circular beds, making it a favorite part of the gardens.  Our Children's Earth will be selling their wares in this garden. Courtesy of Mountain Arts & Music, Facing West will be performing in this garden.

Street parking, walk up the flat drive, flat access around the property and back, or exit via stone slab steps.



Wadman Garden - 6175 N. 1950 E., Liberty, UT - North Fork Area

This is a GARDEN! Extensive food production areas, greenhouses, chickens, brooks, winding paths, masses of perennials, bridges an awesome children’s swing, horses, play areas, wooded areas-all on multiple acres, and all impeccably taken care of.  The grounds appear to just keep going and going and going.  Winding paths lead one through oak trees, exuberant flower displays and several times, across the babbling brook.  This garden has been the site for numerous weddings, and is an enchanting place to spend an afternoon.  The homeowners have done all of the work themselves, and it is obvious that gardening is a labor of love for them.  A play field that includes a volleyball court, tennis court and outbuilding is across the street.  Enjoy a complimentary, 10 minute chair massage by Bev Adams / licensed massage therapist from 10 am - 2 pm in this garden and hand-felted Puffy Pals will be for sale.  Courtesy of Mountain Arts & Music, Anne Thoombs will be performing in this garden.

Flat lot, easy access



Hutchison Garden - 1820 E. 6925 N., Liberty, UT - Durfee Creek

This spectacular home was featured in the Parade of Homes a few years back.  Stunning, stunning views of Ben Lomand Peak and North Fork Park.  The gardens are kept to a minimum to allow the surrounding natural landscape to do its thing.  Many interesting native plants are used throughout, including Rabbit Brush, Sage, Penstemons, Chokecherry and Kinnikinik.  Come see how these natives can be right at home in a residential garden.  A very unique, hand carved stone water feature at the home's entry is one of a kind, and a creative, welcoming statement.  Take a minute or two, or three, to just take in the panoramic views and breathe the fresh mountain air.  This home is for sale, and the realtors will be hosting an Open House at the same time as the Garden Tour.  You are welcome to tour the inside of this spectacular home as well.  Open House by Keller Williams tentatively scheduled for 10 am - 1 pm.

VERY steep, curving driveway to home.  We are attempting to line up a golf cart to ferry guests who do not think they can navigate on foot.  Otherwise please come prepared for a little hike!

!Potted Yucca


Many thanks to The Ardent Gardener Landscape Design, Western Landscaping and Grizzly Graphics for sponsoring this event.