Day Camps (ages 7-12)

Day Camps (ages 7-12)

$55 per camper / *includes a backpack supply kit



8:30am to 3:30pm

Aftercare Available from 3:30 to 5:00pm   - $10 per camper


Musical Nature- June 8th - SOLD OUT -waitlist only

Ages 7-8

There is a natural orchestra at the Nature Center. Bird songs, beaver-tail slaps and wind tin the willows can be heard all along the trails. Learn about nature sounds and make your own musical instrument to bring home. 

Eight is Great! - June 10th - SOLD OUT -waitlist only

Ages 7-8

Spiders, scorpions and mites. Learn what it's like to be an arachnid and all things 8! We'll play games, make crafts and learn about the ways in which 8 is in nature. 


Map That! - June 15th -SOLD OUT -waitlist only

Ages 9-12

The art of making and following maps. Learn to use the compass, do a property wide scavenger hunt and create an illustrated map of ONC all your own. Campers will take home a booklet of mapping activities. 


Ancient Utah - June 16th -SOLD OUT -waitlist only

Ages 9-12

Utah was once home to a huge variety of prehistoric creatures. We'll learn about Utah fossils, and the animals that left them behind, through games, crafts and fossil exploration. Campers will take home a fossil and dinosaur activity kit. 

Ancient Utah day camp


Summer Solstice - June 17th -SOLD OUT -waitlist only

Ages 9-12

The longest days of the year should be filled with the most amount of fun. Learn about the cycle of the seasons and the rotation of the earth. Discover how plants and animals thrive during theis time of year. Play water games, make camp crafts, and play in the sun! Campers will take home a sundial that they make at camp. 


Nature's Rule-breakers- July 6th - SOLD OUT -waitlist only

Ages 7-9

These animals aren't told to go to timeout for breaking the rules. Learn about animal adaptations, the structure of taxonomy, and how both help these exceptional animals to chart their own course in nature. 


Nature Games - July 7th - SOLD OUT -waitlist only

Ages 7-9

Run, jump, hide and get wet as we explore how and why animals like wolf pups, bobcat kittens, and crows and ravens play. We'll make some cool crafts too. Campers will make and take home a game to play with their families.


Who's There? - July 8th - SOLD OUT -waitlist only

Ages 7-9

From scat, to tracks, to camouflage, the Nature Center is full of mysteries! We'll work together to uncover the clues that tell us who is hiding at the Ogden Nature Center. We'll learn basic tracking techniques to read clues in the landscape, and discover the adaptations that help animals survive in the wilderness. Take home your very own backyard explorer pack. 

 Backyard Biologists AND Whos There

Eco Art-The World of Animals - August 10th -SOLD OUT -waitlist only

Ages 7-10

Write, draw, and create your way through nature discovery, and take home colored pencils and a fantastic book filled with animal journaling activities. 

 Eco Art day camp

Bugs n' Buds - August 12th -SOLD OUT -waitlist only

Ages 7-10

What is a gall and how are they made? Why do we need pollinators? Why do some plants attract pests while others deter them? Learn all this and more as we play games, make crafts and explore insect and plant relationships. 


* Please note that these camp requires a $10 deposit at reservation. Requests for withdrawal two or more weeks prior to the scheduled program date will be honored except for the initial deposit, which will be withheld for administrative fees. Withdrawals requested within two weeks of the scheduled program will only be honored if the slot can be filled from a waiting list. Deposit for all camps are non-refundable.


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