Homeschool Naturalists

NEW for 2021! We have restructured our Homeschool Naturalist Program to maintain our high quality program while keeping your students safe.

The Homeschool Naturalist program is offered as a series of eight different two-hour programs at the Ogden Nature Center for children ages 7-12. These programs will be offered twice monthly, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, starting in February and ending in May. Students will sign up for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and either the morning or afternoon session. Students from the same households will be placed in the same class with a max of eight students. Registered students also have access to our ONC google classroom where students can access information and activities during the weeks when students are not scheduled to attend in-person classes.

We are following the Utah Board of Education guidelines, therefore all students and instructors are required to wear face coverings (masks) for the duration of each session on the property. 


Registration will begin January1st! Pre-registration and payment is required at the time of registration. Space is limited. Please call 801-621-7595 to register for the Homeschool Naturalist program.

Cost and Payment   

The fee for the Ogden Nature Center Homeschool Naturalist program is $200. Ogden Nature Center members receive a 10% discount. 

Student Age   

Students aged 7-12 may register for the program.  

Parents & Siblings 

We will maintain a group size of no more then 10 individuals (including a homeschool teacher) in order to maintain social distancing in our classes. Parents will not be allowed to stay with their homeschooling child during the class but are welcome to remain on the property. All students will need to check-in and complete a health screening with their parent before class begins. 


Our programs will be held outside and in all types of weather. Please be sure your child is adequately prepared to go outdoors for weather conditions including rain, snow, sun, cold, and heat.

West Nile Virus 

West Nile Virus has been reported in the Ogden Area this year. As your child will be outdoors for a large portion of the visit, we recommend that you protect him/her with insect repellent containing DEET. The chance of contracting the disease or of displaying any symptoms is fairly low, but it's always best to take precautions.  

Program Times  

Choose morning or afternoon session:

10am -noon or 1-3pm.

You will be required to attend this session for the entire series.


Choose a day of the week:

Tuesdays: Feb. 2 & 16 / Mar. 2 & 16 / April 6 & 20 / May 4 & 18 

Wednesdays: Feb. 3 & 17 / Mar. 3 & 17 / April 7 & 21 / May 5 & 19 

Thursdays: Feb. 4 & 18 / Mar. 4 & 18 / April 8 & 22 / May 6 & 20



 Please be punctual, as your child may miss some vital information at the start if they arrive late, and may also cause a distraction for those who are on time. Please remember to pick-up your student at their scheduled pick-up time. Parents will be billed $2 per minute for any students left after 15 minutes of their scheduled pick-up time. Students will not be allowed to return to class without paying any balance due on their account. If you have a need to pick your child up early from class, please make arrangements in advance with our education staff, as our classes take place in various locations on site.

Please park in the large lot and walk down Bird House Trail towards the Education building to drop off and pick up your child for class. Please do not park in the handicap spots next to the education building unless you have a handicap pass. Please do not park along the road, as the road is a fire lane. The Ogden Nature Center has a no idling policy. Please turn off your vehicle when picking up your child. Thank you.

Leave all pets at home. The Ogden Nature Center has a strict no pet policy. If you have a service animal please contact us to make special drop off and pick up arrangements. 

Expected Behavior

Please prepare your child by helping them understand appropriate group-learning behaviors, which include:
* Raising hands before shouting out questions or ideas
* Taking turns and sharing
* Staying with the group
* Being respectful to classmates and teachers.
These are essential for a productive learning experience.


Homeschool Naturalists Schedule Spring 2021  

Theme: Literature & Citizen Science

Join us for eight weeks of exploring passages from a diverse collection of nature writers and engaging in related citizen science projects. Young naturalists will practice scientific observation, data collection, and reflection as they learn how to use iNaturalist, and learn about other citizen science tools to document real-world information on the flora and fauna of the Ogden Nature Center. 

February - Excerpts from Aldo Leopold's "A Sand County Almanac" - Students will learn about eBird and start using the iNaturalist app. 

March - Excerpts from Dr. Drew Lanham's "The Home Place: Memoirs of a Colored Man's Love Affair with Nature" and Robert Michael Pyle's "The Thunder Tree: Lessons from an Urban Wildland" - Students will dig deeper into the iNaturalist app. 

April - Excerpts from Robin Wall Kimmerer's "Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teaching of Plants" - Students will explore the signs of changing seasons , and learn about the USA Phenology Network.

May - Excerpts from Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring," and "The Sense of Wonder" -- Students will use iNaturalist.