This annual day of giving is Tuesday, November 28th. DONATE NOW and help connect our community with nature.

This global effort makes a difference in communities across the planet.  It's a reminder to show support to non-profit organizations that mean the most to you, like the Ogden Nature Center.


Here are some ways you can help:

Donate any amount Use where needed most

$100 - House the Birds.  Your gift will help us build new mew roofs for the birds of prey at the Ogden Nature Center. Providing safety and shelter for our precious animal ambassadors.

$50 - Join as a member!  A one-year family membership gives you all the benefits of a membership, while providing support for the Nature Center's mission: to unite people with nature and nurture appreciation and stewardship of the environment.

$30 - Feed the Birds.  Those exquisite feathers take serious nourishment!  Help feed ten meat eating raptors and two curious corvids. They’ll coo for you the next time you visit!   (Heidi -- can you provide the accurate numbers of birds here please?)

$30 - Land Stewardship.  Help care for this 152-acre nature preserve.  Open space is good for the soul!  And your gift will ensure our trails and preserve are ecologically sound and cared for.  The Ogden Nature Center boasts a 152-acre sanctuary -- a special place for our entire community to enjoy.

Make a one-time donation of any amount or spread payments over 12 months for as little as $5 a month

ALSO: Ask your employer to match your donation — increasing your contribution to the Ogden Nature Center!