On exhibit at the Ogden Nature Center are several birds of prey such as owls, hawks, eagles and corvids.  These magnificent birds have been injured or imprinted and cannot take care of themselves in the wild.  Therefore, we have adopted them as part of our education team, to help us teach about Utah’s native animal species, their habitats, and the role they play in our ecosystems. 


These large birds live in our mews -- buildings designed specifically for them. It is here that our Animal Manager and more than 20 volunteers provide for their needs. Each of our birds has a unique personality, and it’s rewarding to get to know and work with each of them. Although this is their forever home, and they are habituated, these birds are still wild animals that require unique care.

Daily Care, Training, and Enrichment

Ogden Nature Center has state and federal permits to have these magnificent birds for educational programming.

Each day a team of volunteers and staff take care of the birds’ needs. This includes cleaning the mews, providing fresh water, preparing and parsing out the birds’ food, and training and enrichment. It’s here, behind the scenes, where the birds learn the basics of how to be a teacher to the public. Staff and volunteers invest a lot of time building trusting relationships with the birds.

Enrichment plays a crucial role in ensuring our animals’ well-being and mental stimulation. Enrichment is basically a fancy word for how we work to make the birds’ lives more enjoyable. Each species and each bird is as unique as individual humans. As such, they enjoy different surroundings, games, and activities. Enrichment encourages the animals’ natural instincts while working out both their body and mind. For some birds this means playing with toys, other birds enjoy building a nest with branches. Like any relationship, we pay attention to how each bird responds to stimuli, so that we can work to enhance their lives.


We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our volunteers! Several dedicated volunteers see to the needs of the birds on a daily basis. Each raptor volunteer goes through intensive training to take care of volunteer responsibilities: from cleaning to ensuring the welfare of the birds to being educators out in the public. If you are interested in volunteering at the mews, please click here.

If you would like to contribute to the care of these magnificent birds, please donate here.



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