Homeschool Naturalists

Homeschool Naturalist Spring 2023

Registration will be available online on January 2nd!


Here's what we'll study: Plants!

Ogden Nature Center Homeschool Naturalists will explore the plants that belong, the ones that don’t, and how animals use them. We’ll also plan and plant a garden and study the world beneath our feet with soil and water science – including some pond dipping! 

The Homeschool Naturalist program is offered as a series of eight different two-hour programs at the Ogden Nature Center for children ages 7-12. These programs are offered twice monthly, the first and third Wednesdays of the month, from 1-3 p.m.  

Participants sign up for the entire eight-class series. Cost of the series is $200. Ogden Nature Center members receive a 10% discount by using the code Homeschoolmember. Due to high demand and limited space, we cannot offer sibling discounts.

Program dates & times: first and third Wednesdays of the month, 1-3 p.m. except for April due to spring break

  • February 1 & 15
  • March 1 & 15
  • April 12 & 19
  • May 3 & 17



Please accompany your child/children for sign-in each time. Drop-off and pickup will be in the parking lot at the start of Birdhouse Trail. Please park in the large lot and escort your child to the naturalist who is there to sign in everyone. You will pick up your child in the same spot.

Please be prompt in picking up your children at 3 p.m. Parents will be billed $2 per minute for any students left 15 minutes or longer after the posted end of class. Students will not be allowed to return to class until this balance is paid.

If you are delayed, please call Ogden Nature Center, 801-621-7595, and ask them to notify your child’s teacher-naturalist.

Parents and other family members will not be allowed to attend class with their child/children. You may remain on the Nature Center grounds while class is in session.

Weather & gear: 

Classes will be conducted 100% outdoors in all types of weather. Please be sure your child is adequately prepared to go outdoors for weather conditions including rain, snow, sun, cold, and heat. All children should bring a water bottle, as we don't provide them, and our drinking fountains may or may not be available or accessible depending on where we are having class on the property. Children should wear shoes with closed toes (not flip-flops or sandals) for all sessions. Rain jackets and waterproof shoes are preferred rather than umbrellas for rainy days. Winter requires a coat, hat, and gloves or mittens. Please leave snacks at home, unless your child has a medical reason for needing one.

West Nile Virus: 

West Nile Virus has been reported in the Ogden area in previous years.  As your child will be outdoors for the entire visit, we recommend that you protect him/her with insect repellent in the early fall months.  The chance of contracting the disease or of displaying any symptoms is extremely low, but it’s always best to take precautions. 

Expected Behavior: 

Please prepare your child by helping them understand appropriate group-learning behaviors, which include:

         * Wearing a facial mask any time we enter a building. 

         * Raising hands before shouting out questions or ideas

         * Taking turns and sharing

         * Staying with the group

         * Being respectful to classmates and teachers.

         * They may asked to engage in journaling, math, observation, and other skills 

These are essential for a productive learning experience.